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Activities and lessons:
 Cool Maths 4 kids
 Maths Dictionary for
 Money games - thanks to Mary for this link!
 Order of operations
 Coding arithmetic operators
 Without lifting the pencil
 Seven bridges of Konigsberg
 Egyptian numbers
 Mayan numbers
 The origin of zero
 The Zero Saga & Confusions with Numbers
 Worksheets, calculators, puzzles and more 
 Patterns ...
 Primes, Factors and Divisibility
 Is 1 prime?
 The Prime Pages
 The sieve of Eratosthenes
 Probability Central
 Create a graph
 Make your own graphs
 What are your chances?
 Geometry activities for primary school
 Creative Java Puzzles (tangrams, etc.)
 Magic squares
 Introduction to tilings
 Totally tessellated
 Tessellation tutorials
 March 14 is Pi Day?
 Investigating patterns
 The painted cube
 Fibonacci Numbers and Nature
 The golden ratio
 Prisms and pyramids
 Discovering Polygons and Polyhedra
 The number line
 Curious Math
 RekenNet - Enjoy mathematics
 Cancer and mathematics
 The Puzzling World of Polyhedral Dissections

Other Competitions:
MathWorld Interactive Challenges
 South African Mathematics Olympiad
 South African International Mathematical Olympiad
 New Brunswick Math Competition
 UK Mathematics Challenges
 Math League Contests
 Australian Mathematics Competition

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