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Learning and Teaching Mathematics, 1, April 2004

  1. From the Editors / To the Editors.  Mellony Graven & Marcus Bizony / Mamokgethi Setati
  2. To the Editors.  I. Cassim
  3. A Day in the Life of a Head of Department.  Aloysius Stephen Modau
  4. Introducing and Teaching First-degree Equations.  Tickey de Jager
  5. All Cubic Polynomials are Point Symmetric.  Michael de Villiers
  6. I Have a Dream - a Vision for Mathematics Education.  Sally Hobden & Anthea Matthee
  7. WebView.  Mellony Graven
  8. How do I Teach Fractions?  Mni Majola
  9. It's not Zippo.  Susan Goya
  10. Reasoning and Proof in Grade 10 Mathematics.  Lorraine Lauf
  11. Grade 10 Quick Geometry Revision.
  12. Setting Some Olympiad Questions.  Marcus Bizony
  13. Home Buying while Brown or Black: Teaching Mathematics for Racial Justice.  Eric Gutstein
  14. A Day in the Life of: Tune's Story.  Sean Tune
  15. Question and Answer Column.
  16. Connecting Loci with Real Life.  Gerrit Stols
  17. Kids Say and do the Darndest Things.
  18. Book Review: Fermat's Last Theorem.  Marcus Bizony
  19. Towards a Generalized Maths Assignment Rubric.  Marcus Bizony

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