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Learning and Teaching Mathematics, 12, June 2012

  1. From the Editors.  Duncan Samson & Marcus Bizony
  2. Sorting Mathematical Representations: Words, Symbols, and Graphs.  Lynn Columba
  3. A Simple Visual Proof of the Theorem of Pythagoras.  Michael de Villiers
  4. Probability and the Ambiguity of Language.  Jim Metz
  5. Foundation Phase Numeracy Enriching Encounters at the 2011 AMESA National Congress.  Peter Pausigere
  6. Multiply With Your Fingers.  Jim Metz
  7. What is the Function?.  Michael de Villiers
  8. A Visual Proof of the Area of a Trapezium Revisited  Yiu-Kwong Man
  9. Even Oddness & Odd Evenness in Figural Pattern Generalisation Activities  Duncan Samson
  10. Does the Compound Interest Formula Give Us the "Real" Answer?.  Craig Pournara
  11. Error Detection as Mathematical Catalyst: Part 2.  Deonarain Brijlall
  12. Seeing the Average of Averages.  Jim Metz
  13. LTM Cover Diagram, February 2006.  Michael de Villiers
  14. The Heuristic Beauty of Figural Patterns.  Duncan Samson
  15. Sounding the Numbers: An Interdisciplinary Teaching Model.  Dorit Patkin & Yifat Simpson
  16. Promoting Student-to-Student Discourse in Small Groups: Findings of a Practitioner Action Research Project.  Sarah Quebec Fuentes

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