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 Learning and Teaching Mathematics
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Learning and Teaching Mathematics, 13, December 2012

  1. From the Editors.  Duncan Samson, Marcus Bizony & Lindiwe Tshabalala
  2. The Role of Physical Manipulatives in Teaching and Learning Measurement.  Shakespear Chiphambo
  3. Straight to the Point.  Colin Foster
  4. A Numerical Method for Finding the Equation of Any Quadratic Sequence.  Ashley Ah Goo
  5. Geometry from the World around Us.  Dorit Patkin & Ilana Levenberg
  6. Deriving the Composite Angle Formulae for Sine from Ptolemy.  Michael de Villiers
  7. Searching for a Neat Cubic.  Marcus Bizony
  8. Exploring Language Issues in Multilingual Classrooms.  Lindiwe Tshabalala
  9. Using Movement to Teach Geometry.  Paula J. Arvedson
  10. Viviani's Theorem - A Geometrical Diversion.  Duncan Samson
  11. Teaching Strategies and Activities that Enhance Spatial Visualization.  William A. Jasper, Barbara E. Polnick & Sylvia R. Taube
  12. Generalising Cubic Sequences Using a Filtration Method.  Wandile Hlaleleni
  13. Ladders and Boxes.  Peter Watson
  14. A Study of a Multiple-Strategy Approach to Locating the Centre of a Circle.  KinKeung Poon & HangChi Wong
  15. Considering Terminology and Notation of the Decimal System.  Richard Kaufman
  16. Counting Lattice Points.  Jim Metz
  17. Problems with Word Problems in Mathematics.  Hanlie Murray

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