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 Learning and Teaching Mathematics
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Learning and Teaching Mathematics, 15, December 2013

  1. From the Editors.  Duncan Samson, Marcus Bizony & Lindiwe Tshabalala
  2. Investigating the Surface Area and Volume of Rectangular Prisms.  Senzeni Mbedzi & Duncan Samson
  3. A4 Rectangles and Trigonometry.  Jim Metz
  4. Teacher Experiences at the Mathematics Education and Society Conference.  Mellony Graven, Lindiwe Tshabalala, Charles Smith, Phadiela Cooper, Sophie Mparutsa, Bongani Mona & Mashiane Mmapitsi
  5. Converting Fractions into Decimal Form without a Calculator.  Shakespear Chiphambo
  6. Some Thoughts on Mental Mathematics.  Tom Penlington
  7. Determining the Diameter of a Circle Using Any Inscribed Triangle.  Ashley Ah Goo
  8. Exploring the Difference of Two Squares.  Duncan Samson
  9. Some Remarks about the Form Acosx + Bsinx.  Marcus Bizony
  10. Stomp-Tap-Clap-Snap: A Game for Promoting Conceptual Place Value and Listening Skills.  Debbie Stott
  11. Circle Mania.  Tim Mills
  12. A Trisection Concurrency: A Variation on a Median Theme.  Shunmugam Pillay & Michael de Villiers
  13. Dynamic Geometry Software as a Dynamic Tool for Spatial Exploration.  Reinhard Hölzl & Marc Schäfer
  14. Creating Algebraic Fractional Sums that Reduce Further.  Amur Singh

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