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 Learning and Teaching Mathematics
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Learning and Teaching Mathematics, 18, June 2015

  1. From the Editors.  Duncan Samson, Marcus Bizony & Lindiwe Tshabalala
  2. Keith's Coffee Filter Problem.  James Metz
  3. Triangles with One Angle Twice Another.  Poobhalan Pillay
  4. Methods of Multiplication.  Duncan Samson & Simon Kroon
  5. When a Straight Line Meets a Parabola.  Marcus Bizony
  6. Angles Subtended by a Chord.  Andrew Maffessanti & Duncan Samson
  7. Slaying a Geometrical 'Monster': Finding the Area of a Crossed Quadrilateral.  Michael de Villiers
  8. Surd Equations and Restrictions.  Alan Christison
  9. Finance Mathematics - Missed Annuity Payments.  Andrew Maffessanti
  10. The Grade 9 Maths ANA - What Can We See after Three Years.  Craig Pournara, Sihlobosenkosi Mpofu & Yvonne Sanders
  11. Calculating Variance using Raw Scores.  Moses L Makobe
  12. Compound Proportions.  James Metz
  13. Effective Interest Rates: Making Sense or Cents?  Craig Pournara

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