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 Learning and Teaching Mathematics
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Learning and Teaching Mathematics, 2, February 2005

  1. From the Editors. Mellony Graven & Marcus Bizony
  2. The Curse of the Calculator. Duncan Samson
  3. Counting the Trees - a Statistical Activity. Eric Wood
  4. A Geometric Approach to Completing the Square. Anesh Maharaj
  5. Help Wanted. The Journal's Question and Answer column
  6. A Demonstration of Convergence. Marcus Bizony
  7. Investigating Leibnitz's Triangle in my Classroom. Greisy Winicki Landman
  8. What's the Whole? M Faaiz Gierdien
  9. Coming Full Circle. Kurt Coetzee
  10. Galileo and Newton. Tickey de Jager
  11. Book Review. Tracey Howie
  12. Difficulties in Teaching the Beginnings of Maths. Tickey de Jager
  13. Some Applications of MS Excel in Teaching Mathematics. M. El-Gebeily & B. Yushau
  14. Time to Change the Game. Gary Flewelling
  15. Factorising: Looking for Patterns. Anesh Marahaj
  16. Word Problems - Friend or Foe? Bruce Tobias
  17. Ezit's Rule. Michael de Villiers

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