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Learning and Teaching Mathematics, 20, June 2016

  1. From the Editors.  Duncan Samson & Marcus Bizony
  2. Using arrays for conceptual understanding of multiplication and division.  Debbie Stott
  3. Creativity with areas - circles and squares.  Ronit Bassan-Cincinatus
  4. What is your philosophy of mathematics?  Laura de Lange
  5. Packing four spheres into a tetrahedron.  Nicholas Kroon
  6. Finding the maximum distance between two curves.  Deepak Mavani & Beena Mavani
  7. A multiple solution task: A South African Mathematics Olympiad problem.  Michael de Villiers
  8. Engaging with the unexpected - seek first to understand.  Andrew Maffessanti
  9. Generalising the number of polygon diagonals.  Duncan Samson
  10. Series summation - an extension of a 1972 matric examination question.  Alan Christison
  11. Exploring rich diagrams.  Marcus Bizony
  12. From counting line segments to counting rectangles.  Yiu-Kwong Man
  13. Fractals in the mathematics classroom: The case of infinite geometric series.  Atara Shriki & Liora Nutov

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