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Learning and Teaching Mathematics, 22, June 2017

  1. From the Editor.  Duncan Samson
  2. Bars, bars and more bars.  Marc North
  3. Calculating areas of polygons - Conceptual engagement through card activities.  Debbie Barker
  4. Developing number sense in Foundation and Intermediate Phase learners.  Debbie Stott
  5. Technology as a support for mathematics learning and teaching.  Lynn Bowie
  6. 'Four 4s' - Strategies and opportunities for teaching and learning.  Yvonne Sanders & Vasantha Moodley
  7. Exploring learners' geometric understanding.  Shula Weissman
  8. Curious calculations that make you look twice.  Duncan Samson, Benji Euvrard & Andrew Maffessanti
  9. Mathematics competitions - Problems based on cyclic patterns.  Alan Christison
  10. Compound angle formula for sine - A geometric proof.  Poobhalan Pillay
  11. The parabola and the straight line: Relating their equations.  James Metz
  12. A multiple solution task: Another SA Mathematics Olympiad problem.  Michael de Villiers
  13. Assessment for learning.  Ingrid Sapire, Yael Shalem & Yvonne Reed
  14. Book review: Mathematical thinking in the lower secondary classroom.  Duncan Samson

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