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Learning and Teaching Mathematics, 23, December 2017

  1. From the Editor.  Duncan Samson
  2. Further curious calculations.  Shula Weissman & Duncan Samson
  3. Developing spatial reasoning in Foundation and Intermediate Phase learners.  Debbie Stott & Pamela Vale
  4. A square number puzzle.  Ashley Ah Goo & Franklyn Lau
  5. Euclidean geometry - nurturing multiple solutions.  Duncan Samson
  6. Kevin's question: An interesting discovery about squaring both sides of some equations.  Craig Pournara
  7. Thabit's generalisation of the Theorem of Pythagoras.  Michael de Villiers
  8. Finding the height of a triangle given two angles and the included side.  Letuku Moses Makobe
  9. A problem in probability - its geometric solution and a surprising result.  Moshe Stupel & Avi Sigler
  10. A simple visual proof of two theorems in geometry.  Yiu-Kwong Man
  11. A multiple solution problem.  Poobhalan Pillay
  12. Investigating a unit fraction as the sum of two unit fractions.  Alan Christison
  13. Proof without words.  Jay Jahangiri & Moshe Stupel

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