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Learning and Teaching Mathematics, 24, June 2018

  1. From the Editor.  Duncan Samson
  2. Which picture and why? Being deliberate and explicit when using representations.  Marc North
  3. Using Pokémon Go to encourage patient problem solving.  Laura de Lange
  4. A dynamic investigation of conserved properties using a rotating "pizza slice".  Moshe Stupel, Avi Sigler & Idan Tal
  5. A merry-go-round the triangle.  Michael de Villiers & John Silvester
  6. A short quadratic diversion.  Duncan Samson
  7. Back to the future.  Deepak Mavani & Andrew Maffessanti
  8. Isosceles trapezium with inscribed circle.  Letuku Moses Makobe
  9. Why does it Work? A mathematical explanation and further generalization of a card trick.  Michael de Villiers
  10. On the height of a triangle with two known angles and the included side.  Yiu-Kwong Man
  11. Functions having reciprocal roots.  Alan Christison & Duncan Samson
  12. A surprising theorem with three different proofs.  Moshe Stupel, Avi Sigler & Idan Tal
  13. Proof without words.  Moshe Stupel

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