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Learning and Teaching Mathematics, 25, December 2018

  1. From the Editor.  Duncan Samson
  2. When our intuition is challenged.  Duncan Samson
  3. Tiling with a trilateral trapezium and Penrose tiles.  Michael de Villiers
  4. Strategies for understanding subtraction.  Tom Penlington
  5. Convergence with respect to triangle shapes - Elementary geometric iterations.  Hans Humenberger & Franz Embacher
  6. The parallelogram identity.  Letuku Moses Makobe
  7. Makhubo constructs a 45° angle.  Ntaopane Joseph Makhubo & Brad Uy
  8. A diagonal property of a rhombus constructed from a rectangle.  Michael de Villiers & James Metz
  9. Perpendicular lines: Four proofs of the negative reciprocal relationship.  Harry Wiggins
  10. Right quadrilaterals.  James Metz & Duncan Samson
  11. Exploring unit fractions.  Alan Christison
  12. A geometric proof of Heron’s formula.  Yiu-Kwong Man
  13. Proof without words.  Moshe Stupel

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