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Learning and Teaching Mathematics, 27, December 2019

  1. From the Editor.  Duncan Samson
  2. Recognising patterns using the 100 grid.  Tom Penlington
  3. The girl who saved the king of Sweden.  Duncan Samson
  4. On the areas of triangles bounded by non-parallel sides and diagonals of a trapezium.  Yiu-Kwong Man
  5. Introducing QR coding into the mathematics classroom.  Michal Seri & Hanna Savion
  6. Using real world contexts to explore fundamental mathematical ideas.  Eric A. Pandiscio
  7. An elementary proof of Ptolemy's theorem.  Yiu-Kwong Man
  8. A look back: The International Mathematics Olympiad, 1959.  Alan Christison
  9. More area, perimeter and other properties of circumscribed isosceles trapeziums and cyclic kites.  Michael de Villiers
  10. Proof without words: Parallel lines passing through the points of intersection of two circles.  Moshe Stupel & Victor Oxman

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