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 Learning and Teaching Mathematics
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Learning and Teaching Mathematics, 28, June 2020

  1. From the Editor.  Duncan Samson
  2. 'Our brains really don't like abstract ideas!'  Using representations deliberately and carefully to help students access abstract mathematics.  Marc North
  3. Using combinatorial games to explore equivalences and differences.  Adi Niv & Dorit Patkin
  4. Intercepts of cubic functions.  Letuku Moses Makobe
  5. The power of prime factorisation.  Duncan Samson
  6. The area of concave and crossed quadrilaterals in terms of their diagonals.  Michael de Villiers
  7. The two arrows model for proportional reasoning.  Patrick Chiro
  8. Apparent distance between the goal posts.  James Metz
  9. A simple proof of Stewart's theorem.  Yiu-Kwong Man & Kin-Keung Poon
  10. Axis intercepts and centres of circles: An alternative approach.  Alan Christison
  11. Summing the reciprocals of the roots of a polynomial equation.  Letuku Moses Makobe & Duncan Samson
  12. A simple proof of the area formula for convex quadrilaterals.  Yiu-Kwong Man
  13. Constructing a bicentric quadrilateral.  Victor Oxman & Moshe Stupel
  14. Proof without words: The perimeter of any right triangle is equal to the sum of the diameter of its incircle and twice the diameter of its circumcircle.  Moshe Stupel & Jay Jahangiri

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