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Learning and Teaching Mathematics, 29, December 2020

  1. From the Editor.  Duncan Samson
  2. Polygons with numerically equal area and perimeter.  Duncan Samson
  3. Point plotting for a bigger purpose in Grades 8 and 9.  Craig Pournara & the Wits Maths Connect Secondary team
  4. Dynamic engagement with fractions using GeoGebra.  Yiu Suen Tang & Kin Keung Poon
  5. Mathematics assessment during the COVID-19 pandemic.  JP le Roux
  6. Rotating a square and rectangle.  James Metz
  7. Using logarithms to find the length of large numbers.  Harry Wiggins
  8. Deriving the quadratic formula: A visual approach.  Yiu-Kwong Man
  9. The value of using signed quantities in geometry.  Michael de Villiers
  10. Probability - linear constraints and the feasible region.  Alan Christison
  11. The tangential or circumscribed quadrilateral.  Michael de Villiers
  12. Book Review: 1000 Mathematics Olympiad Problems.  Reviewed by Michael de Villiers

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