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Learning and Teaching Mathematics, 3, February 2006

  1. From the Editors. Mellony Graven & Marcus Bizony
  2. Number Patterns, Cautionary Tales and the Calculus of Finite Differences. Duncan Samson
  3. Ten Times Ten is Twenty. Bertus van Etten
  4. Help Wanted. The journal's Question and Answer column
  5. Adding Tops and Bottom of Fractions. Mercy Kazima
  6. HCF, LCM and the Number of Factors. Daniel Fresen, John Fresen & Johannes Heidema
  7. Interview with a Prize-winning Teacher. Mellony Graven
  8. How Far Can we See? Gerrit Stols
  9. Locus - that Mythical Creature from Ancient Rome. Bruce Tobias
  10. Two More Simple Proofs for the Theorem of Pythagoras. Daniel Fresen
  11. Kids say the Darndest Things. Modisaemang Molusi
  12. Windows on a Child's Mind. Hanlie Murray
  13. Making my Unimportant Mathematical Discovery Count. Craig Pournara
  14. The Rule of 72 - a Handy One. Marcus Bizony
  15. Teaching Students Logical Reasoning. Sylvia Encheva & Sharil Tumin
  16. Interview with a Prize-winning Teacher. Mellony Graven
  17. Marking Matric Scripts is a Learning Process. Vimolan Mudaly

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