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Learning and Teaching Mathematics, 30, June 2021

  1. From the Editor. Duncan Samson
  2. Using visual models to solve problems and explore relationships in mathematics lessons. Marc North
  3. Modelling a maths competition logo. Duncan Samson
  4. Decompression and re-representation: Key ideas in teaching exponents. Shikha Takker, Wanda Masondo & Craig Pournara
  5. Probing probability: An investigation into dependent events. Katy Mellor
  6. The South African Mathematics Olympiad - Third Round for Juniors. Thomas Hagspihl & Duncan Samson
  7. Proof without words: Cube of a binomial. Munir Mahmood & Ibtihal Mahmood
  8. An alternative simple solution for a geometry problem. Yiu-Kwong Man
  9. Exploiting an algebraic identity to derive the quadratic formula.  Munir Mahmood
  10. Proofs without words: Ratios of areas. Moshe Stupel & Avi Sigler
  11. The goat-in-a-circle problem. Alan Christison
  1. Book Review: The Language issue in the teaching of mathematics in South Africa. Reviewed by Duncan Samson

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