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 Learning and Teaching Mathematics
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Learning and Teaching Mathematics, 32, June 2022

  1. From the Editor. Duncan Samson
  2. Learners' errors with linear equations - and how to solve them! Craig Pournara, Yvonne Sanders & Shikha Takker
  3. Exploring intersecting line segments in polygons. Duncan Samson, Osnat Pinto & Moshe Stupel
  4. Palindromic dates - A classroom exercise. Peter Bishop
  5. Long division: A conceptual approach using bowls and coins. Hanna Savion & Michal Seri
  6. Exploring Cevians. Duncan Samson
  7. 'Lenses' with fixed radius - A problem solving activity with circular plates. Hans Humenberger
  8. Area of the largest rectangle inscribed in a right-angled triangle. Yiu-Kwong Man
  9. A short proof of a geometric property of a triangle with only one 60° angle.  Moshe Stupel
  10. Tan graph transformations - A practical application. James Metz
  11. The IAAF 400 metre standard athletics track: "It's all about mathematics". Alan Christison
  1. Book review: Give meaning to maths. Reviewed by Duncan Samson

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