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Learning and Teaching Mathematics, 33, December 2022

  1. From the Editor. Duncan Samson
  2. Bridging the geometry gap from Grades 8 and 9 to Grade 10: Suggestions for adjusting the cognitive demand of geometry tasks. Iresha Ratnayake & Craig Pournara
  3. Making the "structure" visible: Using numeric equations to introduce algebraic equations. Shikha Takker
  4. An interesting conservation property in a right-angled triangle. Moshe Stupel
  5. A forgotten theorem for triangle similarity? Michael de Villiers
  6. An interesting geometric conservation property - A multiple solution task. David Fraivert, Moshe Stupel & Duncan Samson
  7. Another simple solution for a problem involving the median of a triangle. Yiu-Kwong Man
  8. A general solution of  James Metz
  9. I'm an asymptote - Cross me if you can! Alan Christison & Duncan Samson
  10. Some circle concurrency theorems. Michael de Villiers
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