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Learning and Teaching Mathematics, 35, December 2023

  1. From the Editor. Duncan Samson
  2. Fractions on the number line. Duncan Samson & Benji Euvrard
  3. Harnessing the power of Algebra. Harry Wiggins
  4. Investigating odd squares. Duncan Samson & Deepak Mavani
  5. Pi day - Let's throw some darts. Alan Christison
  6. 'Symmetry' of cubic functions. Justin Lanz
  7. Exploring the angle formed by adjacent angle bisectors in a polygon. Letuku Moses Makobe
  8. Investigating alternate angle sums of crossed cyclic hexagons. Michael de Villiers
  9. Cyclic pentagons with one side as a diameter. Letuku Moses Makobe
  10. The median lines of a triangle - A simple proof. Moshe Stupel & Idan Tal
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