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Learning and Teaching Mathematics, 5, November 2007

  1. From the Editors.  Mellony Graven & Marcus Bizony
  2. Some Novel Cyclic Quadrilateral Proofs. Michael de Villiers
  3. Patterns of Visualisation. Duncan Samson
  4. Which Agenda Drives you in your Teaching of Mathematical Literacy? Mellony Graven & Hamsa Venkat
  5. An 8th grade Geometry Problem from Japan and American Teachers' Solutions. Darryl Corey, Hasan Unal & Elizabeth Jakubowski
  6. Writing for Television: Kato's Conjecture, Ketchup and Earthquakes. John Webb
  7. Problem-Solving and Proving via Generalization. Michael de Villiers & Mary Garner
  8. Using Messiness to Appreciate the Nature of Mathematics as a Discipline. Paul Betts
  9. Mathematical Literacy - a Lifeline for Many. Esme Buytenhuys, Mellony Graven & Hamsa Venkatakrishnan
  10. Connecting Roots, Function Extrema and Inflection Points. David R. Duncan & Bonnie H. Litwiller
  11. Is it the Maths Teacher's Job to Teach Physics? Serkan Hekimoglu
  12. Discovering Pythagoras' Theorem through Guided Re-invention. Bertus van Etten & Stanley A. Adendorff
  13. Designing Spot Tests to Facilitate Maths Teaching. Aneshkumar Maharaj
  14. The Midmar Mile, Mixing Concrete, and other Anomalies in my Maths Literacy Classroom. Marc North

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