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Learning and Teaching Mathematics, 6, June 2008

  1. From the Editors.  Mellony Graven & Marcus Bizony
  2. Talking Geometry: A Classroom Episode.  Erna Lampen
  3. Approaches to Generalising Quadratic Sequences.  Duncan Samson
  4. Should we Expect Certainty from Probability Classroom Experiments?  Mercy Kazima
  5. What is the South African Mathematics Foundation?  Lynn Bowie
  6. Photographs as Inspiration for Mathematical Activity.  Stephen Sproule
  7. Computers for Experiments in the Classroom.  Marcus Bizony
  8. Getting the Most out of Your Keyboard.  A collection of tips.
  9. Web Review.  Marcus Bizony
  10. The Great Mugg & Bean Mystery?  Marc North
  11. A Useful Failure.  Marcus Bizony
  12. Senior Certificate Examinations for Mathematical Literacy: Findings from a small study.  Hamsa Venkat & Mvelo Phungula
  13. Pick's Theorem: Tasks, Expectations and Outcomes.  Beverly S. Rich & Sherry L. Meier
  14. Turning Myself Around - Experiences of Teaching Mathematical Literacy.  Cylia Zengela
  15. Proof Without Words.  Sanjay Khattri

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