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Learning and Teaching Mathematics, 7, July 2009

  1. From the Editors.  Mellony Graven & Marcus Bizony
  2. Turning Points!  Jogy Alex
  3. Illegal Operations with Fractions that Work.  Marcus Bizony
  4. Do Infinite Things Always Behave like Finite Ones?   Jurie Conradie, John Frith & Lynn Bowie
  5. Rectangles Inscribed in a Triangle.  Poobhalan Pillay & Marcus Bizony
  6. Exemplifying the Fundamental Principles of Counting.  Bonnie H. Litwiller & David R. Duncan
  7. Patterns with a Constant Second Difference.  Lynn Bowie & Jacques du Plessis
  8. Mathematical Proficiency and Practices in Grade 7.  Rasheed Sanni
  9. Financial Maths - Moving Beyond Formulae.  Susana Da Silva, Craig Pournara & Nontando Mafuya
  10. A Simple Approach Deriving the Quadratic Formula.  Yiu-Kwong Man
  11. Visualising Series.  Duncan Samson
  12. Generalising the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci.  Michael de Villiers
  13. The Plight of the Petrol Pump Attendants.  Marc North
  14. 'Reasoning and Reflecting' in Mathematical Literacy.  Hamsa Venkat, Mellony Graven, Erna Lampen, Patricia Nalube & Nancy Chitera
  15. Reflecting on "Talking Geometry".  Michael de Villiers
  16. LTM Cover Problem, June 2008.  Michael de Villiers

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