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Learning and Teaching Mathematics, 8, June 2010

  1. From the Editors.  Mellony Graven & Marcus Bizony
  2. Individualised Teacher Support Intervention - A Case Study.  Deonarain Brijlall
  3. A New View of Pascal's Triangle.  Dolly Ndude
  4. The Influence of Emotion, Confidence, Experience and Practice on the Learning Process in Mathematics.  B. May & R. Fray
  5. Defensive Teaching in Mathematics.  Betty McDonald
  6. A Tessellating No-Smoking Sign.  Michael de Villiers
  7. Grade 9 Anecdotes.  Andrew Maffessanti
  8. Do we Ever Use Parabolas in Real Life?  Marc North
  9. What Skills Must a Grade 7 have to Succeed with High School Maths?  Paul de Wet
  10. Pitfalls of Personally Constructed Learning Devices.  Keith Nabb
  11. Pythagorean Triples - a Fractional Approach.  Duncan Samson
  12. How to Make Every Graph a Straight Line (or not!).  Vera Frith
  13. Let Me Count the Ways.  Jim Metz
  14. Innovative Pedagogical Approaches Based on Solving a Disjunctive Probability Problem.  Sudi Balimuttajjo & Robert J. Quinn
  15. Sum to Infinity - An Open-ended Investigation.  Duncan Samson
  16. Tips from Teachers of Top Performers
  17. Rectangles Inscribed in a Triangle (revisited) and an Application of Transformation Geometry.  Nic Heideman

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