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Learning and Teaching Mathematics, 9, January 2011

  1. From the Editors.  Paul de Wet
  2. Dynamic Geometry Software-based Dissection-motion-operations: A Visual Medium for Proof and Proving.  Medhat H. Rahim
  3. Review of the Newly Launched Website  Mellony Graven
  4. Dr Math on Mxit.  Laurie Butgereit
  5. VITALmaths.  Duncan Samson, Helmut Linneweber-Lammerskitten & Marc Schäfer
  6. The Textbook Reinvented and ICT in the Classroom.  Simon Holderness
  7. ICT in the Mathematics Classroom: A Teacher's Perspective.  Praveshen Iyer
  8. Classroom Performance Systems  Tim Mills
  9. Mathematics at a Distance: Experiences at UNISA  Eeva Rapoo
  10. Constructive Evaluation of Definitions in a Sketchpad Context.  Rajendran Govender
  11. Teachers Supporting Teachers with Online Discussion Groups.  Stephen Sproule
  12. Mathematical Literacy Online Community of Practice.  Maggie Verster
  13. GeoGebra.  Paul de Wet
  14. Dynamic Serendipity.  Duncan Samson
  15. Mathematical Learning Opportunities for Young Learners with Touch Screen Technology.  Mellony Graven
  16. Review of the website  Paul de Wet

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