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AMESA Audited Financial Statements 2019
WC Matric papers review, 16 & 19 Nov
Video recording of AMESA virtual conference, 24 Oct
UPDATED AMESA virtual conference programme, 24 Oct
Oxford Problem Solving Webinar, 17 Oct
SHARP Grade 11 Geometry Webinar, 26 Sep
Pearson Problem Solving Webinars, 19 & 26 Sep, 3 & 10 Oct
Webinar: Teaching Level 3 & 4 questions 15 & 17 Sep
AGM 2020 postponed to June/July 2021
Congress 2020 postponed to 2021
LTM 28, June 2020 available
Position as Teaching Assistant at AIMSSEC, Muizenberg
Congress 2020 First Announcement available
LTM 27, December 2019 available
Congress 2019 Phase Committees report
UCT Numeracy Centre lecturer position
Congress 2019 Memorabilia Order Form
Congress 2019 Final Announcement
Western Cape Regional Conference 20 Oct 2018
AMESA NEWS July 2018 available
AIMS position: Lecturer & Programme Coordinator
UCT position: Mathematics Research Lead
Mpumalanga Regional Conference 5-6 May 2018
KZN Regional Conference 19 May 2018
Western Cape Regional Conference 21 Apr 2018
Congress 2018 Final Announcement available
SAMF position: Part-time Executive Director
AMESA NEWS December 2017 available
Call for motions and nominations at Congress 2018
Congress 2018 First Announcement available
Congress 2017 Final Announcement available
AMESA Soweto Conference, 18 February 2017
LTM 21, December 2016 available
LTM 20, June 2016 available
Western Cape Regional Conference & AGM, 28 May 2016
North-West Regional Conference & AGM, 21 May 2016
Gauteng Regional Conference & AGM, 21 May 2016
Congress 2016 Final Announcement available
Congress 2016 First Announcement available
AMESA submission to DBE on 2015 matric exam papers
AMESA NEWS December 2015 available
WITS doctoral fellowship available
AMESA NEWS June 2015 available
WITS vacancy advertisement
Western Cape Provincial Conference & AGM, 30 May 2015
Free State Mini Conference, 18 April 2015
Mpumalanga Provincial Conference & AGM, 23-24 May 2015
KZN Provincial Conference & AGM, 25 April 2015
Congress 2015 Final Announcement available
LTM 17, December 2014 available
Congress 2015 First Announcement available
Congress 2015 (29 June - 3 July 2015) flyer available
LTM 16, June 2014 available
Western Cape Provincial Conference & AGM, 6 September 2014
North West Provincial Conference & AGM, 23 August 2014
AMESA Atteridgeville Action, 16 August 2014
Gauteng Provincial Conference & AGM, 17 May 2014
KZN Provincial Conference & AGM, 24 May 2014
Congress 2014 Final Announcement available
AGM 2014: Call for motions and nominations
Congress 2014 Final Announcement available
AGM 2014: Call for motions and nominations
AIMSSEC vacancy advertisement
Stellenbosch vacancy advertisement
Mpumalanga Provincial Conference & AGM, 10-11 May 2014
Limpopo Provincial Conference & AGM, 21-22 March 2014
Call for papers: SAERA 2014
LTM 15, December 2013 available
AMESA NEWS December 2013 available
AMESA submission to DBE: standard of ANA Gr 9 paper
AMESA submission to DBE on 2013 matric exam papers
Congress 2014 First Announcement available
UCT vacancy advertisement
CPUT vacancy advertisement
AIMSSEC vacancy advertisement 1
AIMSSEC vacancy advertisement 2
WITS vacancy advertisement
AMESA Tshwane Conference, 22 February 2014
SAMF eNewsletter, November 2013
NC Regional Conference & AGM, 21 September 2013
EC Regional Conference & AGM, 19 October 2013
WC Regional Conference & AGM, 5 October 2013
Congress 2013 Proceedings available online
KZN Provincial Conference & AGM, 20 July 2013
Free State Provincial Conference & AGM, 18 May 2013
Gauteng Provincial Conference & AGM, 11 May 2013
AMESA Gauteng: Usiskin lectures at WITS, 18 & 19 June 2013
North West Provincial Conference & AGM, 11 May 2013
SAMF eNewsletter, April 2013
Mpumalanga Provincial Conference & AGM, 25-26 May 2013
Congress 2013 Final Announcement available
Limpopo Regional Conference & AGM, 2 March 2013
AMESA submission to DBE: standard of ANA Gr 9 paper
AMESA submission to DBE on 2012 matric exam papers
Congress 2013 First Announcement available
AIMSSEC vacancy advertisement
WITS vacancy advertisement
'I hate maths' seminar, Cape Town, 9 Nov 2012
Stellenbosch vacancy advertisement
Northern Cape Mini-Conference, 25 August 2012
SAMF eNewsletter, August 2012
Gauteng West Conference, 25 August 2012
Director of Mathematics, Grahamstown advertisement
Western Cape Regional Conference, 15 Sep 2012
New Office Bearers elected for 2012-2014
Thandulwazi Intern-Teacher Training Programme
Thokoza Branch Conference, 26 May 2012
SAMF eNewsletter, April 2012
Gauteng Regional Conference & AGM, 5 May 2012
KZN Regional Conference, 5 May 2012
Congress 2012 Final Announcement available
UCT vacancy advertisement
AMESA response to 2011 NSC mathematics papers
Congress 2012 First Announcement available
National Mathematics Week 2012 dates
SAMF eNewsletter, November 2011
Pythagoras Special Issue: Call for papers
Western Cape Regional Conference, 5 Nov 2011
Eastern Cape Regional Conference, 15 October 2011
Congress 2011 Proceedings available online
SA bid for ICME-13 in 2016
AMESA position on Paper 3
UCT vacancy advertisement
SAMF eNewsletter, July 2011
Congress 2011 Final Announcement
Congress 2011 First Announcement
AMESA response to 2010 SC Mathematics papers
Council report 2010
Blog about AMESA Congress 2010
AMESA submission on 2009 SC Mathematics papers
AMESA NEWS December 2009
Congress 2010 Final Announcement
Western Cape Regional Conference, 31 October
Congress 2010 First Announcement
Mitchell's Plain mini-conference
Branch Launch Mitchell's Plain
Congress 2009 Final Announcement
Congress 2009 First Announcement
LTM 6 and Pythagoras 67 now online
Congress 2007 Proceedings now online
Congress 2008 Proceedings now online
AMESA journals now online
13 Sep 2008: George Maths Day
30 Aug 2008: Western Cape Regional Conference
25 Aug 2008: Western Cape Edutrain
Congress 2008 First Announcement
Western Cape i-Maths Week 4-6 September
Congress 2007 programme
Western Cape 19 May Regional Conference
Congress 2007 Final Announcement
Congress 2007 First Announcement
Positions available at SAMF
George Maths Day, 9 September
Western Cape September Regional Conference
Western Cape 13 May Regional Conference
Congress 2006 Final Announcement
Congress 2006 First Announcement

George Maths Day, 10 September
Western Cape September Regional Conference
Western Cape May Regional Conference
Matric papers review, 4 November
ICMI Africa Regional Congress
Maths is easy: teaching it is hard
National Mathematics Week, 6-10 Sept
Western Cape Regional Conference
Minister Pandor opens AMESA congress
Congress 2004 Final Announcement
Western Cape Mini-conference, 9 September
- Public hearing: AMESA comments on NCS
SA Mathematics Foundation
AMESA calendar of activities 2004
- AMESA National Congress, June 2003
- Western Cape Matric Review, 13 November
- Western Cape Workshop, 17 October
- This thing called Mathematics
- The power of Mathematics
- International Congress: Teaching Statistics
- TIMSS-R South African report
- AMESA comments on FET Maths Literacy
- Call for comments on FET Maths Literacy
- AMESA 4-7 Mathematics Challenge 2001
- Western Cape Regional Conference, 4 Sept
- National congress, 2-6 July, Johannesburg
- Western Cape Writer's Workshop, 21 April
- Roll out strategy for MSTE
- Consultative Conference on SMTE
Submission to Council of Education Ministers
- Grade 10 to 12 Mathematics Programmes
- AMESA recognises its first honorary member
- Western Cape Assessment Workshop, 1 March

ICMI News, November 2017
ICMI News, July 2017
ICMI News, March 2017
ICMI News, November 2016
ICMI News, July 2016
ICMI News, November 2015
ICMI News 30, July 2015
ICMI News: Hugh Burkhardt & Malcolm Swan honoured
ICMI News 28, November 2014
ICMI News 27, July 2014
ICMI News 26, March 2014
New NCTM journal launched
Countries that best prepare maths teachers
ICME-13 in Hamburg, Germany, 2016
IOWME Newsletter, June 2012
MES7 International Congress in SA
ICME-12 Third Announcement available
ICMI News 21, December 2011
Finland's school success
ICME-13 will be in Hamburg in 2016
ICMI News 20, October 2011
IOWME Newsletter, June 2011
ICME-12 (2012) Second Announcement
ICMI News, April 2011
School system still failing our pupils
3 March is World Maths Day
New maths curriculum does not add up
47th known Mersenne Prime found
"watered down" maths claim
ICMI News 5
Matric maths? Don't panic!
SA teachers flunk maths
Sutra: New Mathematics Education journal
New Mathematics journal: TMME
New journal: Journal of Urban Mathematics Education
Education in crisis mode
Hundreds of engineers quit SA
2009 is International Year of Astronomy
Language the key to unlock maths
The Beauty of Maths
IOWME Newsletter Nov 07
Curriculum is overloaded
National Policy Framework for Teacher Education
Cramming doesn't work in the long term
Math is More: Improving U.S. Mathematics Education
ICME-11 First Announcement
Engineering lacks blacks
When knowledge does not add up
What Kind of Maths Matters?
Minister Pandor's budget speech
Data-mining goes mainstream
Activating the desire to learn
Teachers struggle with teaching methods
Evaluating Montessori
The effort effect
Schools drop laptops
Casio sells one billionth calculator
USA classrooms boring
Uproar over teachers' bonuses
Marang: Maths Literacy workshop
Marang: Coming to know ...
Second Africa Regional Congress of ICMI
For once, blame the student
New FET National Curriculum Statement
Financial Mail: home languages and maths
Convergence: new online journal
A decade of gender equity projects
Music makes the brain learn better
The new gender gap
Why fewer women choose math
How to end Math wars
Not statistically significant
TIMSS 1999 Video Study
Realistic Math Makes Sense
PE improves grades and behaviour
Show them how to learn ...
Experts: Improve curriculum
Women aren't going into science
Final FET Maths Literacy Standards
National Strategy for MSTE

10th Annual SAARMSTE Conference
BoE backs maths and science
Maths: What's the solution?
Long-term improvement in maths
Teaching and learning geometry
Statements on high stakes testing
Teachers reject test score bonuses
International Maths Olympiad results
Maths anxiety and learning
A year in the life . . .
U.S. importing Singapore texts
Science education in a crises
- Pupils: maths teachers are fat nerds
- Study: South Africa remains behind
Report on SA TIMSS-R study

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