Would you like to attend the ICOTS Conference in Cape Town from 7 to 12 July as well as the AMESA Conference in Durban from 1 to 5 July?

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The South African Statistical Association (SASA) is raising money to pay for three or more South African educators from each province to attend the ICOTS (International Conference of the Teaching of Statistics) Conference in Cape Town from 7 to 12 July.

They propose that these educators consist of at least:

  • 1 primary school educator
  • 1 secondary school educator
  • 1 educator who either works at a College of Education, or an NGO, or who is a Maths Subject Advisor.

They will pay for

  • transport to Durban by bus or by train
  • conference fees for the AMESA conference plus accommodation at the university residence in Durban
  • transport to Cape Town
  • conference fees for the ICOTS conference
  • accommodation in Cape Town (for those that donít live in Cape Town) during the ICOTS conference
  • transport back home from Cape Town by bus or by train.
  • most meals (you will be given a meal allowance).

The educators who are funded will attend that part of the ICOTS conference that is relevant to teaching data handling at school, and will also attend a 5-day course entitled An Introduction to Data Handling which will be run during the conference and which will be open to all South African educators. The course will consist of separate Primary and Secondary strands, each one run by AMESA members, and will equip the educator with all the knowledge and skills they will need to teach the Data Handling part of MLMMS. Educators who attend the course will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance.

Conditions laid down by SASA (the Statistics Association of South Africa)

  • Each of the educators who are funded to attend the ICOTS conferences must be prepared to run at least one workshop on data handling for the other educators in their province before the end of the year
  • The educator who either works at a College of Education, or an NGO, or who is a Maths Subject Advisor must be prepared to
  1. Present a poster that focuses on data handling during the AMESA conference and the ICOTS conference.
  2. work together with the two other educators in order to organise a provincial workshop on data handling, and should assist the other two educators with their preparation and delivery of the workshop(s). SASA will endeavour to provide a contact person in each province to assist with this.

SASA have suggested that the individual provinces should decide on how they are going to select the funded delegates, so AMESA members who are interested should contact their provincial reps as soon as possible to find out about their provinceís selection procedures. In order to be eligible for selection, applications must be at the provincial reps by Tuesday 30 April. Applicants will be notified by Monday 13 May as to whether they are successful or not.


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