Tenth Annual SAARMSTE Conference

22-26 January 2002
University of Natal, Durban, KwaZulu Natal


Dear Colleagues
It gives us great pleasure to have accepted the invitation from the SAARMSTE Executive Committee to jointly chair the local organizing committee for this very special SAARMSTE Conference. We have worked together in this capacity in 1993 when we jointly organized the first major conference of SAARMSTE at Rhodes University. It is wonderful and very significant that we are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of our Association and it is also symbolic that at the Tenth Conference of SAARMSTE we return to the province where it all started. The 10th SAARMSTE Conference will be held at the University of Natal (Durban) from the 22nd to 26th January 2002.

There will be many who will remember the first meeting, organized by Diane Grayson, in the beautiful Drakensberg of KwaZulu-Natal, which led to formation of the Southern African Association for Research in Mathematics and Science Education (SAARMSE).  Since then the Association has not only survived ten years but also has grown in many different ways. In recent times it even sprouted a new "T" shoot recognizing the importance of technology as a research area and so SAARMSE has become SAARMSTE.

In the SAARMSTE Newsletter of April 2001 the current SAARMSTE Chairperson, Dr Renuka Vithal states: "celebrating the tenth anniversary of our organization is an opportunity to reflect on how far we have we have come, what we have achieved and what we have come to be; and to rethink our future direction."  We echo these views and feel privileged to jointly lead the local organizing team. We look forward to having you join us celebrating reaching this major milestone. We hope to see you in January in Durban!

This booklet contains information about the 10th Annual SAARMSTE Conference. It outlines the procedures to be followed to submit paper and abstracts for consideration. It also contains information about the venue, registration, accommodation, transport, approximate costs and a programme outline. We hope that this information will enable you to plan carefully and timeously.

Joint conference organising chairpersons: Vijay Reddy and John Volmink:
Vijay Reddy
Faculty of Education
University of Natal
Tel: 27 (33) -260 5835

John Volmink
University of Natal
Tel: 27 (31) -260 2389

The contact details for the SAARMSTE Conference Organisers are: SAARMSTE@nu.ac.za

It is important at this time to remind ourselves of the mission of SAARMSTE. The Constitution of the Association states: "Recognising the historical realities leading to the maldistribution of skills and resources for science and mathematics education in Southern Africa, SAARMSE's main aim is to promote the common interests of persons involved in mathematics and science education in Southern Africa and to foster a sense of community among researchers in science and mathematics educationŠ"  This is still the focus of the Association. One of the ways of achieving the mission of SAARMSTE is through the Annual Conference.

The objectives of the 10th Annual Conference are:

  • to serve as a forum for critical debate of research conducted (or in progress) in the field of science, mathematics and technology education,
  • to examine and reflect on the state of science, mathematics and technology education in the Southern African region,
  • to examine and reflect about  SAARMSTE as an organisation.


The SAARMSTE conferences have always been open to anyone involved and interested in research in science, mathematics, engineering or technology education. New researchers are particularly welcome.

The conference will consist of  various types of presentations. The first day (Tuesday 22 January) will be a research training day. The sessions from Wednesday (23 January) to Saturday (26 January 2002) will consist of other types of presentations.  We hope to extend a special invitation to teachers from the region for the Friday and Saturday sessions. During the conference there will also be a reception, SAARMSTE dinner and the annual general meeting.

We plan to include the following types of presentations in the conference:

1.  Plenary Sessions
These are addresses regarding key SMTE issues delivered by invited speakers. We are in the process of inviting the keynote speakers. If you have suggestions please send us the name, contact details and a short motivation of the person you think should be invited.

2. Long Papers
A 45 minute slot will be reserved for reports of sustained research-based work. Presenters should consider addressing issues such as reasons for the particular research strategy, challenges posed by the research, shortcomings, etc. All long papers (approximately 10 pages or 6000 words and following the format of the abstract) must be submitted by 16 August. These papers will be refereed.

3. Short Papers
In this session you will be given 20-minutes to report ongoing or completed research.  Researchers are expected to highlight the main features and challenges of their research.

4. Guided Poster Session
There will be a session reserved for  presenters to discuss their posters with fellow researchers.  The poster board size is 950mm x 1000mm.

5. Research Training Workshops
The research training workshops will take place from 09h00 to 16h30 on Tuesday 22 January 2002. There will be intensive discussions on aspects of research topics.

6. Round Table Discussion
A 45-minute slot in which a limited number of delegates sit with an author to discuss the author's research ideas informally.  It also provides a safe environment in which researchers can explore problems and uncertainties.  Those who have conducted a pilot study, have research in progress, plan a research project or want to discuss dilemmas in research will benefit from this session.

7. Symposia
Symposia will be organised around issues that can be debated by the research community. These could be issues that you think are contentious and have different points of view. If you are offering to organise a symposium, include presenters who would take opposing viewpoints in order to encourage the debate.

8. Workshops
You could offer to conduct a 3-hour workshop on an aspect of science, mathematics and technology education research.

The purpose of refereeing is to provide constructive comments from other researchers in an effort to promote good-quality papers and presentations. At least two referees will look at each  extended abstract. Two referees will also review the long papers and authors will be required to consider these comments and may be asked to revise their work before submitting their final papers. Referees are not provided with the names and institutions of the authors.
If you would like to review SAARMSTE papers or abstracts please indicate so in the form at the end of this announcement.

The extended abstracts should use 1,5 line spacing and a 12 point font (Times New Roman only) with 2,5cm margins.  Please submit the extended abstract by e-mail (preferably use MSWord or Word Perfect for attachments) or send it on disk to the congress secretariat. The extended abstract should indicate:

  • Title of the presentation
  • Name of author
  • Institutional address of author
  • Description of the research to be presented. The description should include literature reviewed, methodology and key issues from the research.

The final papers will be printed and bound in the Conference Proceedings, which will be available at the start of the conference. A book of Conference Abstracts will also be available.

The registration process involves TWO stages. The first is to let us by 31 July 2001 if you will be attending the conference. For this process fill out the form at the end of this announcement so that we can make the appropriate bookings  (especially university accommodation) and get closer to a more accurate budget forecast. If you prefer to e-mail this information, please ensure that you include ALL the requested information.  The second part of the registration process involves a more detailed form, which will request definite commitments and plans.  The deadline for this form is 16 November 2001 and should be accompanied by the appropriate payments. There will also be a Second Announcement about the Conference.

The 10th Annual SAARMSTE Conference will be held at the University of Natal (Durban Campus). Durban is along the east coast of South Africa. It is a beautiful city and January is the middle of summer with temperatures of 25-30C.

For the conference you may choose to stay at the University of Natal campus or at one of the downtown hotels (about 10 km away from the conference venue).

The cost of staying at the University of Natal residences will be R110.00 per night room only.  Linen is included in the cost but you are required to supply your own bath towels.

The following list indicates the approximate costs for the beachfront and downtown Durban hotels. Please confirm all rates upon booking.   Bookings are to be made DIRECT with the hotel and can be done by faxing or posting them the enclosed Hotel Booking Form together with your deposit information.

Hotel Name

Single Rate
Per Person

Double Rate
Per Person

Contact Numbers

Booking Reference Number

Balmoral Hotel

R415.00 B &B

R300.00 B&B

Tel: +27(31) 3685940
Fax: +27(31) 3685955

# 4860

Blue Waters Hotel

R260.00 B&B

R195.00 B&B

Tel: +27(31) 3324272
Fax: +27(31) 3375817


City Lodge

R395.00 B&B

R197.50 B&B

Tel: +27(31) 3321447
Fax: +27(31) 3321483


Edward Hotel

R485.00 B&B

R432.50 B&B

Tel: +27(31) 3373681
Fax: +27(31) 3321692


Hilton Hotel

R600.00 B&B

R325.00 B&B

Tel: +27(31) 3368100
Fax: +27(31) 3368200


Holiday Inn Durban (Elangeni)

Room only

Room only

Tel: +27(31) 3371321
Fax: +27(31) 3325527


Marine Parade Holiday Inn Garden Court

Room only

Room only

Tel: +27(31) 3373341
Fax: +27(31) 3375929


North Beach Holiday Inn Garden Court

Room only

Room only

Tel: +27(31) 3327361
Fax: +27(31) 33740582227.13


Protea Seaboard

R430.00 Per Room B&B

R265.00 B&B
R440.00 Self catering

Tel: +27(31) 3372601
Fax: +27(31) 3372600


Royal Hotel

R550.00 B&B

R350.00 B&B

Tel: +27(31) 3336000
Fax: +27(31) 3075247


South Beach Holiday Inn Garden Court

Room only

Room only

Tel: +27(31) 3372231
Fax: +27(31) 3374640


University of Natal Residences


Not Applicable

Tel: +27(31) 2601607
Fax +27-(31)2601606



Conference buses will operate in the morning and evenings between the campus and the hotels mentioned above.  There will be a cost for this transport. The details will be provided in the next announcement.


At this stage you do not have to send any money, but FULL payment for University accommodation and the registration fee, membership fee and cost for the SAARMSTE dinner will need to accompany the second registration form (deadline 16 November 2001).  The costs entail the following:


Members before 16 November 2001


Members after 16 November 2001


Non-members before 16 November 2001


Non-members after 16 November 2001


Membership fees for 2002



These deadlines cannot be changed:

Indication of intention to attend the SAARMSTE conference

31 July 2001

Reservation of University Accommodation & Full Payment

16 August 2001

Submission of full long papers (6000 words)

16 August 2001

Submission of extended abstracts for all other presentations (2 pages)

16 August 200

Review feedback on long papers and abstracts

20 September 2001

Deadline for submission of ALL final papers

31 October 2001

Final (full) Registration

16 November 2001


Please address your SAARMSTE correspondence to the Conference Secretariat at :
DURBAN, 4041

Telephone:   27 (31) 260 1607 or 260 1584
Fax:        27 (31) 260 1606
E-Mail:    SAARMSTE@nu.ac.za

Click here for Preliminary registration form and Accommodation booking. (PDF format)


Chairperson: Dr Renuka Vithal - University of Durban-Westville
Chair Elect: Dr Bongile Putsoa - University of Swaziland
Past Chair: Dr Mogege Mosimege - CSIR
Secretary-Treasurer: Prof Cliff Malcolm - University of Durban-Westville
Regional Representative: Mr Emmanuel  Mushayikwa - University of Zimbabwe
Journal Editor: Prof John Rogan - University of Pretoria
Research Development Officer: Ms Kabelo Chuene - University of the North
Mr Dan Kgwadi - Vaal Triangle Technikon
Conference Organisers: Prof John Volmink - University of Natal; Dr Vijay Reddy - University of Natal

Dr Renuka Vithal: University of Durban-Westville
Mr Lucky Khumalo: University of Durban-Westville
Prof Cliff Malcolm      : University of Durban-Westville
Dr Bheki Khuzwayo; University of Zululand
Prof John Volmink: University of Natal
Dr Vijay Reddy; University of Natal
Dr Cass Lubisi; University of Natal

Prof John Volmink: University of Natal
Dr Vijay Reddy: University of Natal
Mr Daniel Krupanandan: KwaZulu Natal Department of Education
Ms Nonhlanhla Mthiyane: University of Natal
Ms Ansuya Lalsab: University of Natal

Ms Robynne Savic: InterAction Conferencing - UND
Ms Jacqui Ingram-Klopper: InterAction Conferencing - UND
Ms Natasha Chaturgoon: InterAction Conferencing - UND