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It is with great pleasure that I inform you of the birth of the South African Mathematics Foundation.  This brings about close collaboration between the two learned societies in mathematics in the country, SAMS (SA Mathematical Society) and AMESA (Association for Mathematics Education in South Africa), an ideal that we have been working on for quite some time.We have also been able to secure sponsorship for the SAMF for the next few years.  An advisory board, consisting of representatives from SAMS, AMESA, SAASTA/NRF, the sponsor and the departments of Science & Technology and Education will supervise the activities and had had two meetings already.

The SAMF will therefore represent all mathematicians and mathematics educators in the country. It will have an office in Pretoria. The primary objective of the SAMF is to make a definite input into the mathematics situation in the country. I attach a draft proposal that will be written into a constitution.

We want to appoint a full time executive director for the SAMF and attach an advertisement for such a person.  We would appreciate it if you would publish this in your department and get in touch with me if you know of a suitable person.  The profile is in the advertisement.


Johann Engelbrecht
Chair: SAMF Advisory Board
Department of Mathematics & Applied Mathematics
School of Mathematical Sciences
University of Pretoria
0002 Pretoria
E-mail:. Johann Engelbrecht

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