History of AMESA


A symposium at the National Convention on Mathematics, Natural Science and Biology Education in July 1991 resolved to work towards a unified structure for mathematics education associations. Exploratory discussions in Cape Town led to several groups working together at regional level negotiating the aims and objectives and constitution of a new organisation. A unity meeting was held in Stellenbosch in May 1992, where several interest groups, including the following organisations were represented:

Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators of KwaZulu-Natal (AMTEK)
Mathematics and Science Teachers Association (MASTA)
Mathematical Association of Southern Africa (MASA)
Mathematical Association of Transkei (MATRA)
Mathematics Teaching Society (MTS)
Namibian Mathematics Teachers' Association
Natal Mathematics Teachers' Association (NMTA)
NECC Mathematics Commission (Maths Commission)
Northern Transvaal Mathematical Organisation (NOTMO)
South African Mathematical Society (SAMS)
Teachers Association of South Africa (TASA)

The meeting resolved to form a new national unitary Association with object Mathematics Education, which is independent, open to all, and will focus on the needs of the wider South African community. The meeting also negotiated the structure of the new association and the basic elements of its constitution. A steering committee was mandated to finalise the constitution and organise the launch of the association.

An interim National Council, consisting of one representative from each of 9 associations and one representative from each of 8 regions, was convened in Bloemfontein at the launch of the Association on 8 July 1993. The Interim National Council set up and ran the affairs of the Association for one year, based on the provisions of the Draft Constitution. The first Annual General Meeting of the Association was during the first National Congress of the Association (with theme; "Redress, Access and Success") in July 1994. The Constitution was formally adopted at the AGM.


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