AMESA has entered into a non-exclusive contract with Sabinet to publish our two journals - Pythagoras and Learning and Teaching Mathematics - online through their SA ePublications Social Sciences & Humanities website.

Paid-up AMESA members can obtain access to our online journals through the use of a valid username and password. To request access to our online journals, send an e-mail to with subject "password" and provide your AMESA membership number, full name and contact details. The Secretariat will check your membership and will then e-mail you the necessary access information.

Sabinet sells subscriptions to the online journals to local and international institutions, mostly tertiary education libraries. This facilitates the access and exchange of academic information. Subscribers are able to easily locate, display and print the journal full-text papers from their desktops. If you are at a tertiary institution you should check if you have access to the online journals through your institutionís SA ePublications subscription, and check how you can use it in your teaching and in your research.

Alwyn Olivier







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