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Pythagoras 62, December 2005

  1. Mathematics for teaching: What is it and why is it important that we talk about it? Jill Adler
  2. The role of technology in fostering creativity in the teaching and learning of mathematics. Balarabe Yushau, Andile Mji & Dirk C. J. Wessels
  3. Developing teachers, developing as a teacher: A story about a story. Kate Bennie
  4. A generalization of the nine-point circle and Euler line. Michael de Villiers
  5. Assessment standards, Van Hiele levels, and grade seven learners' understandings of geometry. Nosisi Feza & Paul Webb
  6. Learning material in compliance with the Revised National Curriculum Statement: a dilemma. Bertus van Etten & Kosie Smit
  7. Maths concepts in teaching: procedural and conceptual knowledge. Caroline Long

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