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Pythagoras 64, December 2006

Special Issue: Mathematical Literacy
Guest Editors:
Renuka Vithal & Alan J. Bishop

  1. Mathematical Literacy: A new literacy or a new mathematics? Renuka Vithal & Alan J. Bishop

  2. Mathematical Literacy as a school subject: Failing the progressive vision? Iben Maj Christiansen

  3. Mathematical Literacy in South Africa and Functional Mathematics in England: A consideration of overlaps and contrasts. Hamsa Venkatakrishnan & Mellony Graven

  4. Concerns about the South African Mathematical Literacy curriculum arising from experience of materials development. Lynn Bowie & Vera Frith

  5. Developing Mathematical Literacy through project work: A teacher/teaching perspective. Renuka Vithal

  6. Teacher education for Mathematical Literacy: A modelling approach. Bruce Brown & Mark Schäfer

  7. Reflections on the role of a research task for teacher education in data handling in a Mathematical Literacy education course. Vera Frith & Robert Prince

  8. Mathematical Literacy: Myths, further inclusions and exclusions. Cyril Julie

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