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Pythagoras, 65, June 2007

  1. Does 'African' mathematics facilitate access to mathematics? Towards an ongoing critical analysis of ethnomathematics in a South African context. Kai Horsthemke & Marc Schäfer

  2. Designing mathematical-technological activities for teachers using the Technology Acceptance ModelGerrit Stols

  3. Focus on the statistical education of prospective engineers in South AfricaTemesgen Zewotir & Delia North

  4. An investigation into the mathematics performance of Grade 6 learners in South AfricaGary S Kotzé & Japie P Strauss

  5. Description and impact of a distance mathematics course for Grade 10 to 12 teachersGerrit Stols, Alwyn Olivier & Diane Grayson

  6. Teaching geometry in schools: An investigative rather than instructive processRasheed Sanni

  7. The experience of cross-cultural peer teaching for a group of mathematics learnersTracey D Fox, Natasha B Vos & Johanna L Geldenhuys

  8. From 'proofs without words' to 'proofs that explain' in secondary mathematicsFaaiz Gierdien

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