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Pythagoras 71, July 2010

  1. Teaching Mathematics in the Context of Curriculum Change
    Nico Molefe & Karin Brodie

  2. Equipartitioning and Balancing Points of Polygons
    Shunmugam Pillay & Poobhalan Pillay

  3. Integrating Mathematics and Other Learning Areas: Emerging Tensions From a Study Involving Four Classroom Teachers
    Willy Mwakapenda & Joseph Dhlamini

  4. Taxonomy Matters: Cognitive Levels and Types of Mathematical Activities in Mathematics Examinations
    Margot Berger, Lynn Bowie & Lovemore Nyaumwe

  5. An APOS Analysis of Students' Understanding of the Concept of a Limit of a Function
    Aneshkumar Maharaj

  6. Beyond Teaching Language: Towards Terminological Primacy in Learners' Geometric Conceptualisation
    Humphrey Uyouyo Atebe & Marc Schäfer

  7. Thinking With Diagrams Whilst Writing With Words
    Vimolan Mudaly

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