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Learning and Teaching Mathematics, 36, June 2024

  1. From the Editor. Duncan Samson
  2. The Answer is 2024, but what is the question? Toni Beardon
  3. Exploring correspondence and functions in elementary school mathematics classrooms. Sevinc Gila Ozruso-Haggiag & Atara Shriki
  4. Making the case for more modelling in Mathematical Literacy (and Mathematics!) Marc North
  5. A cautionary tale. Hanna Pretorius & Alan Christison
  6. Shopping bag maths. James Metz
  7. Tangent circles inside a triangle whose side lengths form an arithmetic sequence. Avi Sigler & Moshe Stupel
  8. Squares constructed on the sides of an acute-angled triangle. Moshe Stupel & Duncan Samson
  9. Bradley's Theorem, an analogue and their generalisation. Michael de Villiers
  10. Proof without words: The area of a square inscribed in a circle. James Metz
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