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Learning and Teaching Mathematics, 4, December 2006

  1. From the Editors. Mellony Graven & Marcus Bizony
  2. Pi Day. Biddy Cameron
  3. Emerging Successes and Tensions in the Implementation of Mathematical Literacy. Mellony Graven & Hamsa Venkatakrishnan
  4. Locus. Shirley Aydon
  5. Percentages - Nothing to be Scared of. Bertus van Etten & Stanley A. Adendorff
  6. Help Wanted. The journal's Question and Answer column.
  7. Reflecting on the Shortest Path between Two Points. Duncan Samson
  8. The Secret to Getting 100% out of Life.
  9. Further Reflection on a SA Mathematics Olympiad Problem. Michael de Villiers
  10. Powers are Powerful. Greisy Winicki Landman
  11. Explanation of the Maths Trick. Clifford Smith
  12. Your Age by Chocolate Maths. Petta McLellan
  13. The Effect of Contextualising a Problem on Learners' Approaches to Algebraic Equations. Edward Chauke & Hamsa Venkatakrishnan
  14. Video review: The Importance of Mathematics: A lecture by Timothy Gowers. Lynn Bowie
  15. Book review: Bourbaki: A Secret Society of Mathematicians. Lynn Bowie
  16. A Brief Analysis of the Grade 9 CTA in 2005. Bertus van Etten & Stanley A. Adendorff
  17. When our Intuition Lets us Down. Marcus Bizony
  18. Some Pitfalls of Dynamic Geometry Software. Michael de Villiers
  19. Beautiful Maths! Rencia Lourens

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